Sergey Sumin


About me

Hello. I am Sergey from Russia. I was born in city of Ekaterinburg and grown there. Studied in Ural State University in physics.

Programmer & Web Developer.

Now I studing in Java. Mainly with Spring Boot.

  • Birthday: 6 Febrary 1983
  • Website:
  • Phone: +54 11 268 78 049
  • City: City : Buenos Aires
  • Age: 38
  • Degree: non-graduated
  • Freelance: Available

More information on request.


I have experience in mechanics construction(built a private house). Also can do 3D models in freecad(did some prototypes). Now I am working on my own projects.

HTML 70%
CSS 70%
FreeCad 80% 90%
VSDC video Editor55%


The wooden toy is very environmental friendly project. That's more valuable for me because everyone can touch the result by his hands.

Wooden toy constructor



The set close to basic.

Good day. My short opinion.(Can discuss more on skype) The main idea of creating this project is modern tendention to use environmental friendly. In past years plastic consructor sets(like lego) replaced all wooden toys but i guess with modern tendention to use less plastic and more envinronmental friendly materials it can succseed.

The Video how it can be Used HERE

My main problem for that moment is funding and motivation. To start I just need small funding over 3000$. BLOG, my opinion on different items you can read here Opinion/Blog And Tictoc


Bussiness Plan

Dear inhabitants of the planet. I suppose that the trends of recent years on this planet are not very good. See my BLOG

I think a lot about what to do everyday. And for now I reduced the minimum ammount of money that I need to start my project till 3000$. So because the investors just don't want to talk with me I want to find funds (3000$) just from someone over the world in internet.

I thought that I can sell the 3000$ shares of the company online to everyone. One share per 1$. So the minimun share you can buy is just one for one american dollar. You can buy more if you want. Or for now you can buy all 100% for 3000$ or 50%(1500$) that gives you the blocking package and you can fire me(but I will not return you money).

In case if I collect less then 1000$ I return money to everyone.

What I will do with this money.

I try to do sales as fast as possible to return money to share holders. I guess in one-two month it can happen.

If I start any sales I will buy back shares of the company by the price at least two times more than the basic price. That means that if you bought one share for one dollar, you will get at least two dollars. And more dollars per share if the starting will be successful.

So I created such rules. And the question from who you ask about the result and compliance with the rules. It's just me.

I will be happy if you write some opinion on email or social networks links are clickable.See up or below.




Or Western Union